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Consistent Coverage and Support

According to the FMCSA, 5.7M citations were issued to truck drivers last year. With our legal insurance plans, you can rest easy knowing that affordable, quality legal services are accessible at any time.

Here are just a few situations where we can help: 

  • Receiving a speeding ticket
  • Operating an overweight truck
  • Being pulled over with expired registration tags
  • Receiving a lane restriction violation
  • Failing an inspection
  • Filing a DataQ challenge

By enrolling in one of our legal insurance plans, you can feel confident that the driver and motor carrier are getting the best.

Are you an individual commercial driver who is interested in enrolling in our plan? You are eligible to enroll in our CDL Defender plan. Enroll Today!

Learn More About Our Transportation Plans below:

CDL Defender

Designed for professional commercial drivers (CDL required), our CDL Defender™ covers 100% of all non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations for employees and their spouses in both their commercial and personal vehicles.  We also offer a 33.3% discount for our members on most personal legal matters.

LTL Defender

For drivers who carry less than a full truckload of cargo (CDL required), we offer the LTL Defender. This plan covers employees and their spouses in both their commercial and personal vehicles for all
non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations, as well as most personal legal matters covered by the Family Defender.

ProDriver Defender

Our ProDriver Defender™ offers coverage specific to professional vehicle drivers of class 1-3 vehicles—no commercial driver’s license required. If your employees drive a van or their personal vehicle for work, this plan is for them. The plan covers employees and their spouses in both personal and professional vehicles for all non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations, as well as most personal legal matters covered by the Family Defender.

The U.S. Legal Services Advantage

By partnering with us, you can feel confident that your workforce will receive the trusted, high-quality legal services that we have become known for over our nearly 50 years of service.

Transportation Focus
We are highly invested in understanding and meeting the needs of the transportation industry. We consistently collaborate with key leaders to provide solutions to your most important challenges. We work closely with industry associations to most effectively serve you and your workforce.

Driver and Company Protection
We offer plans that will help you improve your CSA scores, increase operational efficiency, and decrease costs through coverage spanning a wide range of driving-related matters.

Exceptional Service
Our priority is our customers. We offer dedicated support through a live member care line and mobile app, as well as access to our 24/7 emergency line for time-sensitive criminal offenses.

Affordable Coverage
Most of our plans cost less than $1 per day—we pay 100% of attorneys’ fees for all covered services. We have no limit on attorney hours.

Cutting-Edge Data Management Program

Included with all transportation plans is our Data Management Program, a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry.  Our tool provides industry-leading predictive analytics to track, measure, and analyze driving violations across the country.

Extensive Database
Compare your company’s violations against our database of over 1,000 transportation companies.  With our system, you can compare by volume, violation type, geography, and more to uncover critical insights you can use to lower your CSA scores and increase your profits.

Innovative Dashboards
Our innovative dashboards allow you to evaluate historical violations and prevent future ones from happening.

Our Turnkey Process

Hassle-Free Implementation
Our dedicated implementation team will manage the system setup and provide guidance throughout the onboarding process. We ensure it is simple and seamless as we do not require large amounts of employee data.

Additionally, for employee enrollment, we have the ability to adapt to your existing administration process or, if preferred, we will develop a customized landing page.

Low-Maintenance Administration
With features like convenient payroll deduction and 100% employee-paid premiums, our plans require minimal support from benefits administrators.

Our Perks

A Satisfied Workforce

Our plans provide affordable, quality legal services that are readily available, so both your employees and your company can stay focused on business—not legal matters.

Competitive Edge in Recruiting Talent

Offering our insurance plans to new and potential employees gives you a competitive recruiting edge over other employers— at no cost to your company.

Customized Reporting

Our state-of-the-art employer portal provides access to personalized utilization reports. In addition, our Client Services team can pull customized performance, quality, and satisfaction reports for you at any time.

Financial Benefits and Identity Restoration Services

Our financial benefits include discounted tax preparation services and no-cost phone consultations with Certified Credit Counselors on matters ranging from credit counseling and budgeting to retirement planning and more.  We also offer fully managed identity theft restoration services, supported by Fraud Resolution Specialists.

Member Resources Portal

The online Member Resources Portal provides access to more than 10,000 templated and state-specific legal forms, will preparation services, and more. Members can also use the portal to access their member ID cards and manage their account.  The portal is available online or through the U.S. Legal Services mobile app.

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