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Group Legal Plans for Pennsylvania Employers

Expand your Pennsylvania company’s benefits packages with affordable group legal insurance plans that show your employees you care and have their best interest at front of mind.

Innovative benefits have become an indispensable part of employers’ strategies to attract and retain great employees. Benefits that support employees’ well-being and help them save time and money are among the most popular. As an employer, providing your employees with group legal benefits means that they can comfortably utilize legal resources without worry of financial burden or simply having to go without.

Studies have shown that employees who are experiencing financial issues are more likely to miss work or be distracted while on the job. Since legal matters are closely tied to financial concerns, having group legal insurance plans in place can help alleviate employees’ stress through access to affordable legal representation.

As a Pennsylvania employer, voluntary legal benefits will allow you to expand your benefit packages at no cost to you.

At U.S. Legal Services, our group legal insurance plans for Pennsylvania employers cover the most common legal issues:
  • Divorce
  • Child support and custody
  • Traffic violations
  • Debt matters
  • Estate planning
  • Real estate transactions
  • Living wills
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Landlord/tenant law
  • And more

Enrolling into a Group Legal Plan is Fast and Simple

We have streamlined the group legal enrollment process to make it straightforward for your human resources team to set up and administer, and easy for your employees to register and use. Whether your organization has a few employees or thousands, group legal plans are available at no cost to the employer.

Here’s how our group legal process for employers works:

Step One

Learn more about the benefits of the Family Defender™ plan (or, if your company is in the commercial trucking industry, the CDL Defender™ plan).

Step Two

Contact us to request a quote from U.S. Legal Services.

Step Three

Offer the plan to your employees who can sign up using your custom online enrollment page.

Step Four

When an employee covered by the plan needs an attorney, we make it fast and simple to get started.

Plan members have access to a national network of qualified attorneys, vetted to make sure your employees are protected by the experienced lawyers they deserve. Customer service representatives are available to streamline the process as well as our 24/7 support line for time-sensitive criminal offenses.