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Group Legal Plan Coverage: How To Protect Your Employees

When your employees have access to a legal benefits plan, they are empowered to effectively manage many of the legal and legal-related financial aspects of their lives. They have access to qualified attorneys near where they live or work, and can more easily access legal assistance and representation.

This voluntary benefit can fill the gap for people who do not qualify for legal aid but can’t afford a legal consultation with an attorney, which can easily cost $250 to $300 an hour. Employees can get the legal and financial coverage they need for a low monthly fee. They can consult with local attorneys whose credentials are vetted annually. And, when your employees know they have access to these services, it can be a huge relief to them, sometimes even life-altering, and allows them to focus on their work rather than their legal concerns.

Contact us online today to discuss giving your employees fast, easy, and convenient access to trusted legal resources or call 1.800.356.LAWS. We’re here to make legal help affordable for your employees by paying 100% of attorneys’ fees for covered services.

Typical Group Legal Plan Coverage

At U.S. Legal Services, we provide your company and your employees with exactly the amount of coverage you need. A typical plan includes:


Covered In Full Dependent &
spouse covered
Consumer Law
Will, Living Will, Trust, P.O.A.
Civil Actions, Plaintiff/Defendant
Real Estate Transactions
Landlord/Tenant Law
Traffic Violations
Preparation of Legal Documents
Juvenile Defense
Family Law *+ 12 Hours
Criminal Violations
Personal Injury
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 only
Identity Theft
All other matters **

* After 12 hours, there is an additional 33% discount
** Covered at a 33% discount
+120 day waiting period

Legal services most often used by employees include the following:

Estate Planning

Employees can draft wills to name beneficiaries and executors. Employees can also benefit from a living will, an advance directive that allows them to share end-of-life medical care wishes. Without this document, family members and doctors must guess preferences, and if there are disagreements, the dispute can go to court.

Attorneys can also draft health care powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney and more, carefully crafted according to appropriate state laws.

Traffic Violations

Reasons why employees value legal plans differ. Estate planning may be more attractive to older employees, while young adults may be more interested in traffic court coverage. The advantage of this voluntary benefit is that group legal plan coverage helps your employees exactly where they are in their lives.

Family Law

Few experiences can be as stressful as dealing with family issues in court. Going through a divorce, for example, can cause financial problems, health issues and more. Being uncertain about whether you can get custody of your children can be extremely stressful, as can child support hearings and other family-related legal issues. Having the right representation available can make a world of difference, allowing employees to address their personal issues with less time missed from work.

Personal Bankruptcy

Our group legal plan coverage includes financial coaching, legal guidance on whether filing bankruptcy makes sense, and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process. Having access to experienced attorneys allows employees to alleviate stress as they create a fresh start.

Get Started on Your Group Legal Plan Coverage Today!

Our comprehensive group legal plans are available at no cost to employers and can help you attract and retain great employees. Learn more about these valuable voluntary benefits today: Contact us online or call 1.800.356.LAWS.