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For almost half a century, U.S Legal Services has been providing comprehensive legal coverage to employees and their families; which includes Florida Commision on Offender Review employees, their spouses, and dependents up to age 26. Attorney’s fees are paid in full for all covered legal matters, giving you peace of mind for a low monthly premium of $21.50.

The Family Defender™  This legal benefit plan is designed to defend you and your family for a wide array of legal services using local attorneys near your home or work including: divorce, child support and custody, traffic violations, debt, lawsuits and much more. Empower yourself and the people close to you by taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in legal benefits today…best of all, we pay all of your attorneys’ fees!
(Includes coverage for employee, employee’s spouse and any unmarried, dependent children under the age of 26.)

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The Identity Defender – This plan is designed to help defend against the fastest growing crime in the nation. The Identity Defender will provide access to the Fraud Resolution Services (FRS) who assist consumers at the inception of a fraud related emergency. A fraud resolution advisor is trained to evaluate the incident and what steps need to be taken to resolve the theft, including but not limited to: Fight back when your identity is stolen and to restore your identity and good credit with Identity DefenderSimply put, you can’t get better Identity Theft Protection!
(Includes coverage for up to 4 members)

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Limitations and exclusions apply. Insurance products are underwritten by U.S. Legal Services, Inc. Service products are provided by U.S. Legal Services, Inc. , depending on the product and state. This material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. For terms, benefits or exclusions, call our toll-free number at 800-356-LAWS(5297).