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What is Group Legal?

Group legal benefits is sometimes referred to as legal insurance, legal benefits, group legal services insurance, voluntary legal benefits, or prepaid legal insurance. No matter the term, they all deliver the same thing—affordable access to legal help.

Much like health insurance benefits, legal insurance plans are offered through employers. Employees then pay premiums, usually via a monthly payroll deduction. When the employee needs the services of an attorney, they use the plan to access those services.

What sets U.S.Legal Services apart is its zero-deductible model. While most group legal insurance providers require deductibles and copays, similar to health insurance providers, U.S. Legal does not. Your monthly premium is all you pay. 

This provides complete cost and process transparency, and it leads to less stress for you—no need to worry about hidden fees or final costs when using an in-network attorney.

Is Group Legal Worth It?

Most people will need assistance to manage a common legal issue at some point in their lives. However, hiring an attorney can be both intimidating and expensive, costing hundreds of dollars an hour.

A group legal benefits plan from U.S. Legal Services solves these problems in a number of ways:

Simplified access to an attorney  Plan members can contact an attorney in their area with a simple phone call to our member care experts or through our convenient mobile app. Attorneys are vetted before becoming part of our nationwide network and are re-vetted every year to ensure they continue to meet our standards.

Lower costs – Unlike other companies, we require no deductibles or copays, and we pay 100% of attorney fees for covered matters. This results in complete cost transparency and can save our members thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Coverage for commonly needed services – Our plans include a broad range of legal coverages that are needed the most, such as assistance with wills, traffic violations, and divorce.

How To Enroll In Group Legal?

Enrolling into a Group Legal Plan is Fast And Simple

We have streamlined the group legal enrollment process to make it straightforward for your human resources team to set up and administer, and easy for your employees to register and use. Whether your organization has a few employees or thousands, group legal plans are available at no cost to the employer.

Here’s how our group legal process for employers works:
Step One

Learn more about the benefits of the Family Defender™, Identity Defender™, or, if your company is in the trucking industry, our Transportation plans.

Step Two

Contact U.S. Legal Services to request a quote.

Step Three

Offer the plan to your employees who can sign up using your custom online enrollment page.

Step Four

When an employee covered by the plan needs an attorney, we make it fast and simple to get started.

Plan members have access to a national network of qualified attorneys, vetted to make sure your employees are protected by the experienced lawyers they deserve. Member care representatives are available to streamline the process as well as our 24/7 support line for time-sensitive criminal offenses.

Why Enroll In Group Legal?

When your employees have access to a legal benefits plan, they are empowered to effectively manage many of the legal and legal-related aspects of their lives. 

They can connect with qualified attorneys near where they live or work, and can more easily access legal assistance and representation. When your employees know they have this level of legal support, it can be a huge relief that allows them to refocus on their work rather than their legal concerns.

A group legal plan option can close the gap for people who do not qualify for legal aid but can not afford a legal consultation costing hundreds of dollars an hour.

Offering a legal plan can reduce your employees’ stress and financial strain, and provide them a low-cost option to manage their legal and financial needs.

Group Legal Coverage FAQ

1.What do your group legal plans cover?

We have a variety of plans covering a wide-range of various areas.

2.What is the difference between full legal benefits plans and EAP legal referral services?

Some Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) include a form of legal benefits, but these are customarily limited to initial consultations and a discount on legal fees.

Our legal benefits plans provide comprehensive and full coverage for your employees' most-needed services. Attorney fees are paid by the plan for covered services.

3.How do I implement U.S. Legal Services plans at my company?

You may request a quote by completing the form here, or call us at 1-800-356-5297.

4.How are your attorneys selected?

Attorneys must meet strict criteria in order to become part of the U.S. Legal Services network. Requirements include a minimum of five years of experience, proper licensing with their state’s bar association, and a record free from any complaints or disciplinary history.

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Legal plans are our only business and we excel in providing plans that are broad in coverage, affordable, accessible and delivered with outstanding Member care

U.S. Legal is a managed benefit, not a referral service, which means we pay virtually 100 percent of attorneys’ fees for all covered services. We offer a comprehensive alternative to referral and co-pay plans.

Give us a call to discuss any questions you may have or fill out a form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.