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Attract and Retain Drivers

Improve your bottom line while providing a value-added benefit to your workforce.

What is Group Legal?

Group legal benefits is sometimes referred to as legal insurance, legal benefits, group legal services insurance, voluntary legal benefits, or prepaid legal insurance. No matter the term, they all deliver the same thing—affordable access to legal help.

Much like health insurance benefits, legal insurance plans are offered through employers. Employees then pay premiums, usually via a monthly payroll deduction. When the employee needs the services of an attorney, they use the plan to access those services.

What sets U.S.Legal Services apart is its zero-deductible model and its transportation focus. While most group legal insurance providers require deductibles and copays, similar to health insurance providers, U.S. Legal does not. Your monthly premium is all you pay.

This provides complete cost and process transparency, and it leads to less stress for you—no need to worry about hidden fees or final costs when using an in-network attorney.

Why Offer Group Legal?

Recruiting Advantage—We offer a distinct recruiting advantage over competitors without legal assistance for their drivers. According to the FMCSA, 5.7M citations were issued to truck drivers last year. We provide coverage for drivers—whether on the job or in their personal vehicle—and their spouses. We have a 92% retention rate for the drivers that we represent.

Problem Prevention—We partner with company Safety Departments, ensuring prompt and accurate notification of roadside events, thereby enabling proactive steps to remedy problems before they become real liabilities. Plus, we eliminate the predisposition of guilt in civil liability cases by winning the underlying traffic charge in an accident. We have an 88% reduction in the severity of citations for our members annually.

Increased Premium Mitigation and Improved DOT Safety Scores—Our plans aid drivers in maintaining clean driving records, which helps mitigate rising premiums and improve DOT Safety Scores. Our teams are knowledgeable of State and Federal laws concerning compliance issues, which allow fleets to minimize the ramifications of varied convictions and maintain satisfactory DOT and CSA SMS ratings. We have a 53% reduction in citation fines for our members annually and a 95% success rate with DataQ challenges. Our members receive a dedicated team member who will file complimentary DataQ challenges.

On average, we save our transportation members $1.6M per year in legal fees.

Our Plans

In addition to our Family Defender™ and Identity Defender™ plans, we offer three types of Transportation Plans:

CDL Defender™

Designed for professional commercial drivers (CDL required), our CDL Defender™ covers 100% of all non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations for employees and their spouses in both their commercial and personal vehicles. We also offer a 33.3% discount for our members on most personal legal matters.

LTL Defender™

For drivers who carry less than a full truckload of cargo (CDL required), we offer the LTL Defender™. This plan covers employees and their spouses in both their commercial and personal vehicles for all
non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations, as well as most personal legal matters covered by the Family Defender.

ProDriver Defender™

Our ProDriver Defender™ offers coverage specific to professional vehicle drivers of class 1-3 vehicles—no commercial driver’s license required. If your employees drive a van or their personal vehicle for work, this plan is for them. The plan covers employees and their spouses in both personal and professional vehicles for all non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations, as well as most personal legal matters covered by the Family Defender.

Our Turnkey Process

Hassle-Free Implementation
Our dedicated implementation team will manage the system setup and provide guidance throughout the onboarding process. We ensure it is simple and seamless as we do not require large amounts of employee data. Additionally, for employee enrollment, we have the ability to adapt to your existing administration process or, if preferred, we will develop a customized landing page.

Low-Maintenance Administration
With features like convenient payroll deduction and 100% employee-paid premiums, our plans require minimal support from benefits administrators.

No Claim Forms | No Deductibles | No Co-pays

Cutting-Edge Data Management Program

Included with all transportation plans is our Data Management Program, a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Our tool provides industry-leading predictive analytics to track, measure, and analyze driving violations across the country.

Extensive Database
Compare your company’s violations against our database of over 1,000 transportation companies. With our system, you can compare by volume, violation type, geography, and more to uncover critical insights you can use to lower your CSA scores and increase your profits.

Innovative Dashboards
Our innovative dashboards allow you to evaluate historical violations and prevent future ones from happening.

The U.S. Legal Services Advantage

Transportation Focus

We are highly invested in understanding and meeting the needs of the transportation industry. We consistently collaborate with key leaders to provide solutions to your most important challenges. We work closely with industry associations to most effectively serve you and your workforce.

Driver and Company Protection

We offer plans that will help you improve your CSA scores, increase operational efficiency, and decrease costs through coverage spanning a wide range of driving-related matters.

Zero Deductibles & Comprehensive Coverage

Quality legal services does not have to be costly. Most of our plans cost less than $1 per day, and unlike other companies, we do not require deductibles or copays. This ensures total cost transparency. We also pay 100% of attorney fees for all covered services without needing to file a claim form.

24/7 Support

Our priority is our members. We offer dedicated support through a live customer care line as well as access to our 24/7 emergency line for time-sensitive criminal offenses.

All members have access to our online portal via our website or U.S. Legal Services mobile app where they can conveniently access their member ID card and manage their plan. All with the click of a button.

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