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Spring weather means another season is also in full swing: construction season. Nationwide, drivers will see more orange signs on our roadways this time of year as highway workers help repair, maintain, and upgrade our critical infrastructure. As we share the roadways this spring – drivers and workers – the trucking industry is helping to

We All Play a Role in Work Zone Safety.

Each time that a new president is voted into the White House, it’s natural to wonder how the tax laws will change and what impact this will have on your family’s finances, including your income tax. This can especially be true when the new leader comes from a different political party than the previous one.

Tax Implications: New Administration and COVID Relief

According to, “talent attraction and retention continue to be a top priority for employers” in 2020 and beyond. They add that “In today’s increasingly competitive labor market, benefits are a key driver for employee satisfaction and recruitment”—and this includes voluntary benefits. Employers who recognize the value of voluntary benefits are incrementally adding more choices to

Selecting (Or Upgrading) Your Employees’ Group Legal Benefit Plan

If your company is thinking about offering legal benefits to your employees, it’s natural to wonder if group legal plans are worthwhile. The short answer is that, if an employee has coverage and needs legal representation, then he or she will almost certainly answer with a resounding “yes.” And, if an employee has coverage but

Is a Group Legal Plan Worth It?

Trucking companies naturally want to protect their drivers and limit their business’s liability—and predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are being combined to create a powerful method to accomplish both. First, though, here are some definitions. Predictive analytics involves taking big data and extracting information from it using technology—and then analyzing that information to note

Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence—and Safer Fleets

In many instances, legal issues are in large part financial matters, such as when you’re buying or selling a house. Other times, legal matters can involve financial distress, such as when bankruptcy is looming. In both of these types of situations, it isn’t unusual to need help from a professional, and a financial attorney can

Getting Help With Finance-Related Legal Matters

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