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Grow Your Practice and Connect with New Clients at No Cost

At U.S. Legal Services, connecting our members with highly qualified attorneys is our top priority. For this reason, we have established a robust Legal Network.

Why Join Our Legal Network?

We know how demanding it is to strive to grow your practice while serving your existing clientele; with this in mind, we are happy to help our Network Attorneys grow their practices by connecting them with members who need them. For nearly 50 years, employers have partnered with us to provide their employees with a top-rated legal insurance plan. In turn, we work diligently to secure qualified attorneys, like you.

We have enabled attorneys across the U.S. to scale their practice through referrals from our plan members. Many of our Network Attorneys have successfully used this model to significantly increase their local, non ”legal plan” business. Also, to allow you to remain focused on growth, we manage all marketing efforts to our plan members.

As A U.S. Legal Services Network Attorney, You Will Also Enjoy:

Zero Membership Fees

We are not an attorney referral network—there are no remittal fees or costs associated with joining our network.

Direct Payments

You will be paid directly by U.S. Legal Services through our simple, direct-deposit payment process.


You choose the services you offer and the clients you accept. You are also free to leave our network at any time.

Esteemed Collegial Network

We partner with a highly qualified network of more than 10,000 attorneys across the U.S.

Expanding Your Practice While Simplifying Your Workflow

We have developed our attorney portal for you to quickly and easily have access to:

Managing Your Profile—Update your personal and practice information, along with services you can provide and areas you practice in.

Viewing Member/Case Listing—Review your assigned members and their cases.

Request Authorization & Submit Claims—Manage the authorization and claim process from beginning to end.

Authorization & Claims Process

As a U.S. Legal Services Network Attorney, we want you to focus on doing what you do best—assisting members with their legal needs. With this in mind, we want to ensure ease in managing clients, scheduling, and submitting claims.

Therefore, we follow an easy three-step process for authorization and claims:

1. The Request

When a plan member requests services from a Network Attorney, you will receive an email from one of our Member Care Representatives with approval for your initial member consultation.

2. The Consult

During the initial consultation, you and the plan member will determine whether to move forward with additional legal services. If you both choose to proceed, you will contact Provider Relations to confirm continued representation and obtain authorization for payment.

3. The Claim

Upon completion of the case, you will file your claim through our attorney portal. All payments are issued quickly and efficiently. For even faster processing, you can sign up for direct deposit.

Attorney Network FAQ

1.How does the authorization and claims process work?

Step 1: The request

  • A U.S. Legal Services network attorney receives an assignment email.
  • After the initial consultation, authorization must be requested via your Attorney Portal or by email at

Step 2: The consultation

  • There is no pre-authorization needed for covered consultations.

Step 3: The claim

  • You may file a claim by logging into your Attorney Portal. All required documentation must be upload in order to submit a claim.

2.How do I request authorization?

Authorization can be requested via your Attorney Portal or by emailing

3.How do I check on the status of a claim?

You can check the status of a claim by logging into your Attorney Portal or by emailing our Claims Department at

4.How can I expedite my authorization request?

Authorization may be expedited upon acceptance of assignment and verification of members benefits available. We strongly recommend that you request authorization after the initial consultation, but before agreeing to accept the case or performing additional services for the member.

5.What services are covered under a Member’s policy?

A member's policy coverage will vary when it comes to benefits, limitations, exclusions, and endorsements.
Our Fee Schedule is a great resource to utilize for a breakdown of coverage and payment verification on most services provided.
Additional coverage information can be obtained by contacting our Authorizations Department via your Attorney Portal or email at

6.At what stage in the case do I submit my claim?

A claim should be filed 90 days from the last date of service or within 90 days from the date of completion.

7.What if a member becomes inactive or terminated?

If a member becomes inactive of terminated from our program, you will be notified via your Attorney Portal dashboard. 

If a member’s status changes to inactive or terminated, you must submit a claim as soon as possible. All claims will be considered and paid up to the date of termination. Any services provided beyond the date of termination will need to be billed directly to the client.

8.How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, please log into your Attorney Portal and click Claims. You will see the list of assigned members to bill for.

9.How long does it take for payment to be processed?

Seven to fourteen business days.

10.Why haven't I received payment?

Payment may be delayed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You did not submit appropriate documentation to support your claim
  • You did not receive authorization prior to filing your claim
  • Your claim submission is for services older than 90 days

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